Original date:2019-02-02 11:35:17 Edited by: SDPringle Subject: Re: What is the status of Euphoria V4.10?

Here are my ideas:

  • First, fix all errors indicated by the failing unit tests!

In particular with respect to std/net/http.e:

  • Adapt the std/net/http.e routines to use the CURL library so that the other http tests actually pass. See for an implementation of this.
  • Fix the web server to provide the resources that the above tests rely on.
  • The curl branch needs documentation that EUPHORIA requires CURL, curl needs to be a requirement in the install and deb file creation.

Numeric limits:

Unit tests that deal with literal numbers that are too small to be put into a Euphoria atom, and should report an error rather than being read as zero or worse a huge number, are failing on my machine and probably most machines because these limits are different depending on the processor capabilities. The path of least resistance is to create an alternative set of control files for machines that have this capability and possibly adapt the testing program to use those.

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