Original date:2019-01-25 08:56:51 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: What is the status of Euphoria V4.10?

The Raspberry Pi 3 runs either Ubuntu or Raspbian or Windows 10-IOT, among other things. That's pretty good for a $35 computer. (Actually more like $50, once you add a memory chip and a power supply).

They work about like a 10-year-old laptop, as far as speed is concerned. Just OK for web browsing, better for email and other programming tasks. It does work with touch screens.

You can stick one on the back of most any modern TV with HDMI connections, and have a usable computer. WiFi is built in.

RPi has 4 usb connectors. You'll need a couple for keyboard and mouse, leaving 2 for cameras (There's also a camera that connects directly to the RPi motherboard, but it's more expensive and a bit of a hassle to connect).

Euphoria (and EuGTK) don't have much to do with the cameras (only moving them). The video is managed by motion

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