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irv said...
lgregg said...

Since it appears that we have a lack of developers: 1) is the development language C or C+ + or what? 2) is it possible to develop Euphoria in Euphoria? This would be, as the Tiki Wiki people like to say, "... eating our own dog food!"

C, and yes, Euphoria-in-Euphoria has been done. I can't remember exactly where that can be found, someone else will know. For speed, however, some of the language just needs to be written in hand-optimized C.

Here's the quick-and-dirty rundown.

There are two major parts of Euphoria:

  • The backend is written in C and all of its source files start with be_ for backend.
  • The frontend is written in Euphoria, then translated to C and linked with the C backend.

The frontend is pretty much one codebase but it has flags to build itself as several different components:

  • The interpreter (eui, euiw) parses Euphoria code and executes it immediately.
  • The translator (euc) converts Euphoria to optimized C code and (optionally) invokes the compiler.
  • The shrouder (eushroud) parses Euphoria code and stores it in an immediate language (.il) file.
  • The backend (backend) executable is a stripped-down interpreter for running .il files.
  • The binder (eubind) shrouds Euphoria code and attaches to backend to create a new executable.

Unfortunately, most of this documented in several places, or maybe not at all. I encourage you to read through the manual and ask as many questions as you may have. Euphoria has grown quite organically over the years. Keep in mind it's twenty five years old and most of its life was under one developer (Rob Craig) and the past decade it's been the ward of the OpenEuphoria Group (hint: that's all of us) and we have, admittedly, done a poor job recently of keeping the project moving at the same rate Rob did.

irv said...

If you are familiar with C, then perhaps you could help here.

Agreed. If there's one thing we need right now, it's this. There are just too many open tasks for the very few of us who are still active.

There are plenty of non-C related and even non-programming tasks as well. If anyone reading this is serious about helping, please speak up.


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