Original date:2019-01-21 03:12:02 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Where to Upload Files

You are welcome to upload files to PCAN.

If you have any trouble following the instructions, ask here.

Uploading is a four-step process (still much easier than making a cup of tea though, once you know how):
First open the createpage, read it, then edit/preview until you have a new/unique newpagename.
Second, create the new page, update author, date, description, and the [[(Attach:)file.ext]] part.
Thirdly, like step 1, edit/preview until you get a '?' next to the attachment link, indicating the filename is unique/unused as well.
Fourthly, save the page, if necessary rename your local copy of the upload file, click on the ?-attachment-link, and follow the prompts.
Don't be afraid of getting it wrong, please just avoid saying Y to "are you sure you want to delete"-type prompts, when you're not sure.
I can fix things if asked, and there is nothing to stop anyone else who also knows how from fixing things either.
Details and more all on that page (ie the instructions), where amongst other things you will also find "the password".

There should be no problem having two (or more) versions on a page, and if required one for OE and one for phix.
Of course, uploading a modified version can use the original page, and that way reduces to a two-step process.
If you only provide an OE version please add a [[!broken]] tag, and I'll see if I can get it to run on phix.


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