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lib9 said...

I really don't mind oE to be somewhat slower. But do mind if it is similar to Python's speed. Have done two big (for me) project in Python, twelve years ago, because I loved the language at the time. After doing the projects never again wanted to code in Python. Too slow, had run-time errors that would have preferred to be caught before.

Oh no, it won't be that slow. Euphoria's interpreter is much faster than Python (in most cases). One advantage Python has though is threads, so things can be made faster through parallelization. I use Python as necessary because it's more popular and people look at me funny when I offer to use Euphoria.

lib9 said...

It's one of the risks to me, to do my work in an environment fading out. But we have to be positive and believe in some thing in live, don't we?

This is basically our Catch-22: we need to attract more users if we're to survive, but if we look like we're falling apart no one will want to come.

lib9 said...

oE/Phix need a killer application, no?

Yes! We need several, actually. I'm hoping to get this website rewritten this year so that I can really demonstrate the strength of Euphoria for web applications.

lib9 said...

Quite nice! If I may suggest something, leave the ORM to later, as people can use SQL directly in code.

Thanks. Yes, the ORM stuff is further down the list. Right now I'm working on the database library and cookies and session handling. Hoping to have that pushed out soon.

lib9 said...

I could also use some FreeBSD, and seems that Euphoria supported this OS, as the other BSDs. Are these OSes going to be supported as well?

The idea is to support Windows, Linux, and BSD. I'd also like to include OS X and Haiku (BeOS). We could use one or two people maintaining the BSD and OS X builds.

lib9 said...

Is it possible to use oE scripts or libraried in Phix? I already know that there are some differences between the two languages, but can it be done adapting those scripts to Phix, having oE side by side? Or does Phix require libraries specific done for it?

Phix is based on Euphoria so it's mostly backwards-compatible. The two can both use external shared libraries, if that's what you're asking. I'm sure Pete can elaborate.


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