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alrobnett said...

Using Euphoria 4.1 and Ubuntu 18.1

If the terminal window is pre-stretched to the desired size, then the Euphoria displays can use the new size.
How do you tell Ubuntu in advance to use a much bigger size than the standard terminal window?

I use the gnome-terminal. In WEE's run menu choose "set terminal emulator", then select or enter "gnome-terminal -x" without the quotes.

Next select "run terminal emulator" from the run menu. From the terminal's "terminal" menu select "Preferences", then select "Profiles". Select "New", Then enter in the name you want to call the terminal profile for your program, perhaps "Euphoria_1". Adjust the initial terminal size column and rows boxes to your specification. Adjust the other parameters to your preferences.

From the "terminal" menu select "Preferences" the "Profiles" and at the bottom of "Profiles" menu select the profile that you just created as the profile to be used when launching a new terminal.

Hope this helps.


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