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alrobnett said...

Using Ubuntu (to which I am a green novice) and Euphoria 4.1.0 B2 on 64-bit Gateway:
The terminal command "~$ eui WEE/updater.ex"
Yields the result "Failed to open"

I get the same message, and have checked that exists (in /usr/lib/x86_64...) So, if you open updater.ex in your editor, scroll down to around line 80, and change the line:

libcurl = open_dll("") -- change to: 
libcurl = open_dll("") -- it should work. 

I suspect the problem is improper directory locations, but the Linux system prevents me from doing damage and also from finding our where things are.
I think Euphoria was installed in a directory hung off the root, which I cannot access.
I created a dir WEE from my allen@allen-SX2850 home dir and updater.ex resides in WEE.

If you used my .deb, then the Euphoria executables are located in /usr/local/bin, the libraries are in /usr/local/include, and the Eu source (which you never need to see) is in /usr/local/source.

You can see these (but not change them without root permission) from your file browser - I forget which one comes with Ubuntu. There should not be any reason to access these or change them, provided eui works. Do you get the following when you type eui <enter> at a prompt?

Euphoria Interpreter v4.1.0 development 
   64-bit Linux, Using System Memory 
   Revision Date: 2015-02-02 14:18:53, Id: 5861:57179171dbed 
ERROR: Must specify the file to be interpreted on the command line 

If so, then you should be good to go.
BTW: if you wish to see if Euphoria exists, and where, open a terminal and type
which eui <enter>

You should see: /usr/local/bin/eui
Same applies for other programs, for example: which firefox <enter> /usr/bin/firefox

If you get a blank line in return, then the program isn't installed.

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