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I don't know why no one has created a .deb package for the latest Euphoria. I guess I will have to learn how :{

UPDATE see next message

One way, which I have used several times, and as far as I can tell is completely safe:

On the Downloads page, under Beta for testing, you'll see a line that says A quick (~10 second) shell script for downloading....

Click that link, and download the .zip file. (2.4k)

Then, from your web browser or from your Downloads folder, double-click on the zip package with the insanely long name 2a4e993ab4....etc..

double-click again on the folder (also with a long name) that shows up. Inside will be a file named

Drag that small file into your home folder.

Open a terminal, type sudo sh install and hit <enter>. Supply your password.

That script ( will download and install Euphoria quickly.

Once that's done, type eui <enter> on the terminal:

Euphoria Interpreter v4.1.0 development 
   64-bit Linux, Using System Memory 
   Revision Date: 2015-02-02 14:18:53, Id: 5861:57179171dbed 
ERROR: Must specify the file to be interpreted on the command line 

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