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Try running Porteus Linux from a USB drive to see how oE works.


oE with Porteus Linux

For Windows users, if you understand how to boot from a USB Drive you should try running Porteus Linux.

My test system is a 32bit netbook and a 2GB USB Drive. This is the smallest, and slowest, system you can imagine--and Linux works wonderfully on it.

I installed Porteus from Windows7.

Running Linux with oE from a USB Drive is something of a parlour trick. It is amazing that it can be done.


  • ablity to set computer bios so you an boot from a USB Drive
  • a USB Drive formatted to FAT32

Files to Download

  • 7-Zip

a Windows program to copy archived .iso files to the USB Drive

  • Porteus Linux
this is the Linux operating system
will let you install oE and compile oE programs

( The Porteus website has links to alternative mirror download sites. )

  • oE

The "older" oE version will be easiest to install on Porteus.

Porteus Installation

  • when you need a password use "toor"
  • Important: remember the drive letter for the USB Drive.
  • Using 7-Zip open the Porteus ".iso" file

You should see four folders and a "USB_INSTALLATION" help file

  • Use 7-Zip to "Copy to:" the contents of the .iso file to the USB Drive

Files get unzipped and copied to the USB.

  • From the USB Drive, in the "boot" folder, run "Porteus-installer-for-Windows.exe"

The USB Drive is now prepared for booting.

  • add 'C' development environment
    copy the "05-devel.xzm" file to "/porteus/base"
  • add oE
    copy the OE ".deb" file to "/porteus/modules"
  • Done!

re-boot your computer from the USB Drive

Booting Porteus

Push "enter" to pick the default.

Select "copy to ram" for the best performance.

Install oE

The ".deb" file has to be converted to a Porteus exclusive ".xzm" format.

From the Porteus operating system:

  • using the Porteus file manager
    • click the "Computer" icon on the top left of the screen
    • right click on the /porteus/modules/OE .deb file
    • choose "Caja-Actions actions" then "deb2xzm"

let the "deb2xzm" utility run

re-boot Porteus

Test oE

  • at any time and any where, "right-click" on the screen
  • pick "terminal"

see a terminal window

  • type "eui"

see the oE start screen asking for a file to run

The oE files are located in "/usr/share/euphoria". You can test the demo programs from this folder.


The text editor that comes with Porteus is just enough to write oE programs. Run the programs from a terminal, "right-click" in the folder where you write your programs to see the terminal to come up.

You can learn how to use "persistance" to save the changes you make to the Porteus operating system.

You can add WEE or Geany editors.

You can be motivated to install a full Linux installation (Like Mint or Ubuntu) on your computer.

oE with Porteus Linux

Create a folder in the USB drive where you can write and save oE test programs.

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