Original date:2018-12-22 06:00:17 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Windows display questions

First of all, any OS running from a usb drive (or from a CD) is going to be slow, therefore frustrating and not a fair comparison. So forget that.

I agree with Chris; Installing Linux, while extremely easy compared to re-installing Windows, would just be something else to distract from getting your program working. In the future, however, Linux is far superior to Windows as a development environment. It comes with all the tools needed, for free, without the frustrations of dealing with Windows 10. Keep that in mind for later.

One of the great things about programming with Euphoria is the ease of debugging. If you think wait_key() isn't working, it's simple to add a line before and a line after the wait_key() call to print something that tells you your program actually got to that call, and if so, if wait_key() actually waited. e.g:

puts(1,"Before wk\n") 
puts(1,"After wk\n") 

If you don't see the Before, then your program never got there, and you have to figure out why.

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