Original date:2018-12-17 09:35:35 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Call to c_func() short-circuited

As Chris said, perhaps you are making the task a lot harder than necessary. Is there a reason one of Euphoria's file functions wouldn't do the same job?

If you must call a C routine:

First of all, which .dll or .so contains the C code you wish to call? Are you loading that with open_dll()?

(1) example:

atom LIB = open_dll("")
  -- or LIB = open_dll("xxx.dll") on Windows 
? LIB -- if this prints a -1, the library is invalid or can't be found 

Secondly, has Read_File_id been defined?

(2) example:

atom Read_File_id = define_c_func(LIB,"name_of_the_c_function",{PARAMS},RETURN TYPE)
? Read_File_id -- should be a large integer, not 0  

Just guessing from the names of the parameters, it appears that your C function is expecting the first parameter lpBuffer to be a pointer to buffer space you have allocated, which the C function will fill with data read, and the 3rd parameter lpNumberOfBytesRead to be allocated space where the C routine expects to store the result so that you can check it later. Possibly the return type would be a boolean to indicate success or failure?

Without further info, it would be hard to guess if this is correct or to guide you on how to allocate those spaces.

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