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jmduro said...

Old Euphoria 2.5 extensions proposed by Matthew Lewis and Vincent Howell are still usable on Linux today without the infamous message "error while loading shared libraries:". Here is the way to get rid of that on Linux 64-bit with help of Euphoria 3.11.

First install gcc-6-multilib to compile 32-bit applications.

sudo apt-get install gcc-6-multilib 

Same method is valid for:

cd <path to application> 
export EUDIR=<path to euphoria-3.11> 
$EUDIR/bin/ecu eu.ex 
sed s/gcc\ -c/gcc\ -c\ -m32/ emake > temp 
sed s/gcc\ \ eu.o/gcc\ -m32\ eu.o/ temp > emakeu 
rm -f temp 
chmod +x emakeu 
export EUDIR=<path to application> 

Then you have access to features missing in either Euphoria 3 or OpenEuphoria 4.


Jean-Marc, Your links didn't work for me - note the instructions at the top of the forum posting form. Try these:

Vincent Howell's Enhanced Euphoria v2.5

Matthew Lewis' Object Euphoria

Ken Rhodes

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