Original date:2018-09-01 21:36:25 Edited by: SDPringle Subject: Compiling to platform independent code

Hey guys, it has been kind of an itch to me. What if you could simply translate the source code of a Euphoria to C, on say Linux then take that C code and compile it on Linux. Then take that C code again and compile it on Apple and then the same C code and compile it on Windows?

For distribution of a new version of Euphoria, we could simply distribute translated C source.

   euc myportable_program.ex 

You get a bunch of C files and now you have something that will compile anywhere. And by anywhere I mean Linux, BSD variants, Apple and Windows only. :) Why mess around with a "plat" argument? We will need to keep the plat argument in order to support ifdef, but the Euphoria source that has to do something differently between different platforms can use platform().

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