Original date:2018-08-30 11:56:42 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Where Does OpenEuphoria Fit Today

ChrisB said...

I saw a small glimmer of hope recently, the Eu to Java translator - ease of eu, large user base of Java, and access to the massive set of Java libraries, but this looks like a one man effort (Pete).

Small correction: Javascript, not Java. Sadly not getting anywhere fast.

irv said...

If you are independent, then it works as well as anything else. If the solution is also easily maintainable, then I'm happy too. Euphoria often fits those requirements.

If you are just learning to program, then Euphoria is a good starting point. Nobody who is serious about this stops with just one language, after all.

I think that's the right attitude.

Pirx said...

I like Euphoria, but, considering its state of development, wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

I would obviously recommend Phix, with a suitable qualifier such as "you ain't gonna get a job in it, but..."

irv said...

As for making Euphoria 'popular' - forget about it, not going to happen.

In related news, Phix now has 764 entries on rosettacode, now ranked 20th, (or 19th, which for some reason omits Kotlin), which is traction of sorts. Getting further up that list is now my main (pointless) little hobby.


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