Original date:2018-08-29 18:23:01 Edited by: euphoric Subject: Where Does OpenEuphoria Fit Today

It's a great time to be a programmer. There are so many grand options!

Where does OpenEuphoria/Phix fit in the spectrum today?

I'm thinking of Golang, Dart, Ada, PHP, Javascript, Java, Xojo, but there are worthy others.

Does OpenEuphoria fit somewhere in between? Does it serve as a replacement for any?

Just curious where OpenEuphoria is today. _tom, maybe you could make a chart and plot languages on them.

As axes, we'd want (at least): Productivity/Rapid Development (how easy for programmer to build apps), Speed, and Platforms, although Speed might not be as heavily weighted as the others, simply because today's languages aren't going to be noticeably slow on modern hardware... right? (That's a 3D plot, of course... grin)

We do know that without further development, OpenEuphoria will be relegated to the dust bin of programming languages history.

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