Original date:2018-08-21 17:46:51 Edited by: Pirx Subject: Re: Can OpenEuphoria Help Solve This?

_tom, you are comparing two different algorithms. I implemented the same algorithm in Lua and Euphoria (the code is, in most parts, identical). But that's not the point. I believe that compiled code runs much faster on other people's computers. I just don't know why it's so slow on my machine. It doesn't make sense. Compiled code is sometimes slower than the interpreter. The same happens on 32-bit SparkyLinux (based on Debian) and 64-bit Solus. Phix, on the other hand, doesn't work on them at all - segmentation fault is all I get. They are rolling release distros. I don't know on how old distro the Euphoria and Phix binaries I'm using have been compiled on and think that this may be the problem, but, of course, I may be wrong. And I wonder if somebody else has experienced something like that.

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