Original date:2018-08-21 14:24:51 Edited by: Pirx Subject: Re: Can OpenEuphoria Help Solve This?

_tom said...

Phix compiled can be about the same speed as LuaJIT, while OE compiled can be respectably close.

This is something strange. I just run simple script calculating 10000 numbers of PI and the results on my laptop are:

Euphoria (interpreted):

real 0m18.926s user 0m18.820s sys 0m0.072s

Euphoria (compiled):

real 0m9.464s user 0m9.333s sys 0m0.064s


real 0m0.970s user 0m0.944s sys 0m0.010s

As you can see Luajit is 10 times faster than compiled Euphoria and 20 times faster than interpreted Euphoria. Also, compiled Euphoria code seems to run with two different speeds. It's very fast at the beginning then suddenly slows down. Strange...

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