Original date:2018-07-23 07:49:11 Edited by: jessedavis Subject: Problems with 4.1

Laptop died. Replaced and loaded euphoria.

4.1.0 development (6300:57179171dbed, 2015-02-02 14:18:53) on HP machine running windows 10.
Two problems have been encountered running known good euphoria code.

1. Cannot open .dll files. Always returns NULL.
2. Problem with include files. EUINC and PATH are set up correctly. Euphoria cannot find some of the included files. I noticed that the error message, which includes a list of the directories searched does NOT include all of the directories included in the PATH variable (user PATH not system PATH; however it doesn't seem to matter). My PATH includes 4 or 5 directories. It seems to search only the first couple.

Any thoughts or pointers?

Regards, jd

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