Original date:2018-06-14 07:32:44 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: phix and debugging question

begin said...

trace(1) and F6 dies with

pDiagN.e line 3300: symtab[220] bad S_NTyp[1] 
H:\Euphoriaprog\Microexp\testmicroexp.ew:-1 (era=#00600DDC, from_addr=#0, ret_addr=#0) 
type check failure, ???(varno=8738[or_ecx=#00002222]) is ??? 

Can you try grabbing a fuller screenshot? For example, running Greg's "wrong file mode for attempted operation" sample as recently posted, trace(1) F6 (and <Ctrl A><CR>) gives me:

 ..Files (x86)\Phix\builtins\database.e  F1=main  F2=trace  F3=help  ?  q  Q  ! 
  296:  end function 
  298:  procedure put1(integer x) 
  299:  -- write 1 byte to current database file 
  300:      puts(current_db, x) 
  301:  end procedure 
  303:  procedure put4(atom x)                                                    304:  -- write 4 bytes to current database file 
  305:  -- x is 32-bits max 
  306:      poke4(mem0, x) -- faster than doing divides etc.                      307==>    puts(current_db, peek(memseq)) 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Phix\builtins\database.e:307 in procedure put4() 
wrong file mode for attempted operation 
    x = 45ocedure putn(sequence s) 
... called from C:\Program Files (x86)\Phix\builtins\database.e:508 in function db_allocate()uts(current_db, s) 
    n = 41d procedure 
    free_list = <novalue> 
    size = <novalue>fe_seek(atom pos) 
    size_ptr = <novalue>ition in the current db file 
    addr = <novalue>current_db, pos)!=0 then 
    free_count = 0tal(sprintf("seek to position %d failed!\n", pos)) 
    remaining = <novalue> 
    i = <novalue> 
Global & Local Variables 
--> see C:\Program Files (x86)\Phix\ex.err 
Press Enter... 

So obviously, in that case, it is failing on line 307 (and obviously the fact that you get a line number of -1 instead, is the biggest problem here).

begin said...

ps if you don' need the symtab (previous post) any more, i edit and delete them - to shorten the post.

yeah, that may as well go now.


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