Original date:2018-05-24 14:51:09 Edited by: jpartridge Subject: A function that expands value() and more

Hi, It seems that I was finally approved to post on this forum - although I haven't received any confirmation e-mail.
I thought of using Euphoria on a new project due to its (claimed) capacity to easily translate to C.
However, without help and support it may take too long to learn and evaluate its adequacy.
I like to share when I'm learning. I came across a text that states the limitations of the value() built-in function.
I thought it would not be too much difficult to improve it in order to get numbers from strings independently of their position.
Here's what I could do as a beginner (pelease, do feel free to make corrections):

include get.e 
function val(object parm) 
    -- Gets any numerical value at any position on a string 
    sequence num_val = {} 
    if sequence(parm) then 
        for i = 1 to length(parm) do 
            if parm[i] >= 48 and parm[i] <= 57 then 
                num_val = append(num_val, parm[i]) 
            end if 
        end for 
        num_val = value(num_val) 
        return num_val[2] 
        return 0 
    end if 
end function 
print(1, val("This string includes the number 42.")) 
puts(1, "\n") 
print(1, val("This string doe not include any number.")) 
puts(1, "\n") 
print(1, val("We can extract number 42 from this string and add two.") + 2) 

I also wanted to ask an Euphorian that may have the requested reputation to create an Euphoria tag and leave some answer here:
(I'm using ed with a file myshell and the only thing missing is the > before the prompt... while writing the ex files on wee.)

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