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euphoric said...
jimcbrown said...

Asking your host to upgrade glibc to 2.15 or higher would certainly fix the issue. This isn't supported by Red Hat afaik however. Unless your web host is full of gurus it's unlikely they'd have the skills to compile glibc from source and create a deployable package.

Wow! So... then... should I find another host if I want to use Euphoria to serve web content?

That's a pain. This GLIBC problem is probably enough to make Linux Torvalds say "hang yourself now" to the glibc devs.

Basically I have two ideas for you:

Method 1

On a Linux system with Euphoria already installed and working. In the Euphoria source directory, update to the desired version of Euphoria, and run "./configure && make eusource" and put the created build directory created into a tar ball. Then, go to the target system and get the regular Euphoria sources with Mercurial. After that, and checkout the desired version of Euphoria, compile from the source using the without-euphoria option to configure. Like this "./configure --without-euphoria && make interpreter"

Method 2

Install Euphoria 4.0.0, to your Cent/OS system. I compiled that with Slackware a long time ago. Install that. You can then build the newest head sources with 4.0.0.

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