Original date:2018-05-01 15:03:53 Edited by: euphoric Subject: Re: Is this forum prepared for the GDPR?

ghaberek said...

That list goes on. Please do some more research before dismissing this out of hand. That PDF I linked to is very informative.

I did the research and commented based on what I found. Here's an example, from Forbes:

"The organization would have to target a data subject in an EU country. Generic marketing doesnít count. For example, a Dutch user who Googles and finds an English-language webpage written for U.S. consumers or B2B customers would not be covered under the GDPR. However, if the marketing is in the language of that country and there are references to EU users and customers, then the webpage would be considered targeted marketing and the GDPR will apply."

Just because someone in the EU comes to our site, doesn't automatically mean we fall under the jurisdiction of EU legislation. And, it seems we do not engage in behavior that would make us fall under their jurisdiction.

I think it's reasonable that we encrypt all the data we collect, simply to keep it safe in the case of a breach. But, beyond that, it's just red-tape that doesn't apply to us.

However, if you want to spend the resources to get compliant, go for it!

I'm not saying, "Don't do it." I'm saying, "We don't have to."

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