Original date:2018-04-30 18:49:52 Edited by: ChrisB Subject: Re: Is this forum prepared for the GDPR?

ABC said...
ChrisB said...

No, I meant locally where the business resides.

Then you are most definitely wrong.

ChrisB said...

The EU has just created a multi billion euro business, out of nothing. Best business plan ever.

Again, wrong. A US company has shut down because of the GDPR.

Hacker News said... shuts down, citing GDPR regulations


We can all be wrong, and I am the first to admit it when I am, but streetland were a UK website, based / registered in Paris (France) Domain registrant hoster, and hence bound by GDPR, and Streetlend chose to shut down before they had to comply because it was simply less hassle, they weren't forced too, but sadly I think that this is what will happen to many small businesses, not just net related ones.

The setting up Facebook in Bermuda, don't think facebook haven't looked at it (guess, no evidence), but as long as they sell adverts to EU citizens, they will have to comply, or simply not be able to trade.

Data breaches have to be reported to the ICO in the UK, or whichever other EU equivalent on the European mainland.

I think all the suggestions made so far are sensible ones, and will demonstrate that due thought and consideration has been given to the GDPR, and will obviously be taken into account if there is a data breach, so it makes sense to limit the data held. I think any common sense organisation that polices this will look at these efforts, look at the size of the organisation, and decide it's not worth their while pursuing, or maybe just sending a letter to the owner of the

I really don't think that Euphoria has too much to worry about.



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