Original date:2018-04-18 11:50:10 Edited by: Coderj Subject: Phix segfault

Hi Pete,

I've just downloaded and installed phix for 32 bit Linux (0.7.9). Everything installed fine and the tests were passed ok but when I tried to run a simple "hello world" program with a trace, I got this:

with trace 
puts(1, "hello world\n") 
Result : 
SIGSEGV at #08190E71 
eax: 40000000 
ebx: 00000000 
ecx: 00000000 
edx: 000000E0 
esi: 09406BB0 
edi: 4201E50C 
pDiagN.e line 3300: symtab[224] bad S_NTyp[1] 
pDiagN.e line 3041: oops, rtn[=8334] out of range[1..865] 
pDiagN.e line 3041: oops, rtn[=8427] out of range[1..865] 
/home/joe/phix/hello.exw:-1 (era=#08192AD7, from_addr=#0, ret_addr=#0) 
variable ???(varno=8138) has not been assigned a value 

It ran ok without the trace statements (and no, I didn't compile it in case you were wondering. I used the interpreter).

Thanks for all you hard work on Phix, it's awesome.

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