Original date:2018-04-17 10:54:01 Edited by: SDPringle Subject: Re: Very First Language to Learn: Phix or Euphoria?

That's an interesting development to come out of this debate. A cross Phix and Euphoria program!

ifdef is like C's #if and that's the problem. It is a very uninspired way of doing things. It would be much better if we could just query directly whether something exists or not:

In C, it is common to find a program with dozens of lines of checking whether it is one version of a compiler or another when the program just wants to know whether memcpy comes with it or not. It is much better if we could ask the C compiler whether memcpy was in a header or not at program time with some builtin routine and have that routine return a boolean.

returns 1 if arch_bits is some bulitin or is defined in some header previously defined without going to forward references defined(arch_bits)

I think this is a much better approach, although it doesn't yet exist in any Euphoria yet. It ought to be looked at as a feature to implement.

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