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1. What is the future of euphoria? 2. What is the future of the forum? 3. What is happening to the archives?


1. It's stagnated. There is just too small a developer pool to drive it forward, with little enthusiastic fresh blood being injected. So, to answer the question, dubious. 2. It's stagnated. There is just too small a user base to ask questions, create topics, and support queries, certainly compared to what there was in the good old days. 3. The archives are safe, by me as a download, by Irv as a download, and by Pete and Greg as accessible resources. Greg's is at

Phix is being actively developed by Pete, a very enthusiastick one man band, and for now this more than satisfies my Euphoria cravings, but as with anything one man, it depends on that one man to continue development. Long may it continue.

Unfortunately, and sadly, I do think that Eu has declined over the years, losing out to, specifically, Python, even though I think Eu is a simpler and better language, that suits my needs, but like anything else, it needs a minimum critical mass to thrive and grow - much lik a programmatical game of life.

I also think it needs to find a niche not fulfilled by another language - the Raspberry Pi and Python are an example of what could be achieved.

If promotion on other language forums is tried, then there invariably the 'haters' who will pick apart eu, saying it doesn't have this or that, or polymorphism, or objects or classes, etc etc (whetever they might be!), but they kind of miss the point - Eu is just so easy to ue as a programming language that it blows most everything else out of the water. (again IMHO)

Never mind, I will continue to write and enjoy the Eu programming language, just wish we could stop the silly bickering which does not leave a good impression with any casual browsers.

Sometimes I feel like euphoria is the second foundation, a small band of psychohistorians embedded in the centre of the galaxy, just waiting once again to take it's rightful place, beside Python and Ruby.


Cryptic Chris

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