Original date:2018-03-20 18:35:41 Edited by: begin Subject: Re: Syntactic sugar

I don't like it. Doesn't seem easier to read to me at all. 
a matter of taste said the monkey and ate the soap. it should/could be an alias, so it will not break existing code. for anyone with some math background, the # and = make sense. just because some some scripters took an easy way out for comments, does not make it wright.

I'm not saying we should continue to do what we've always done, but sometimes conventions stick around because they work and I think what we have works well. 

this was/is convention, just like = and == in math oriented syntaxes.

never the less, if it is not trivial and/or a lot of effort, then please forget the suggestion. it is not religious, but a lazy, readable way to say # instead of != (c/d/c# ...) or <> (pascal ...).


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