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ghaberek said...
katsmeow said...

I believe there needs to be a way m_sabal's patch posted in the forum makes it's way back to the archives of those apps that use the code so patched.

Similarly, if someone "upgrades" old win32lib.e files (such as v0.45) to still work and have fewer bugs, or makes a new win32lib.e work perfectly with those old apps using 15 year old versions, those apps need to recieve advisory notes (at least) or the new win32lib.e (and support files) dropped in as an upgrade package. Same applies to other files besides win32lib, that was only an example.

Agreed. There should only be only one version of any given download that's made available. I'm thinking we'd retain the version history though, in case anyone needs something specific.

This sort of stuff is possible on PCAN right now - anyone can edit eg, add comments, a new or replacement file/attachment/link, submit a new entry and add a link on the old one, etc.

(If you have any questions not answered by let me know here.)

I would note though that in the specific case of win32lib, having just one version probably won't cut it.

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