Original date:2018-03-14 15:32:12 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Adding a GUI

Lastly, there are bound to be places in the code where errors (recoverable or non-recoverable) can occur: Since error messages won't show up in a terminal unless we run our new GUI program from a terminal, we'll need to scatter some popup messages around in appropriate places:

IRC_Log("HOST LOOKUP FAILED " & hostname & "\n") --  may be helpful to log the errors also; 
Error(win,,"Host Lookup Failed",hostname) 
--crash and burn, or whatever is appropriate; 

Finally, you end up with something like this:


That's the beginning, obviously there are other windows and controls needed, but without code to test them with, we'll have to stop here. Kat's the expert on IRC, I would be blundering along wasting time if I tried to implement those other functions.

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