Original date:2018-03-11 21:17:41 Edited by: katsmeow Subject: Re: Euphoria Archive rescue mission

irv said...
irv said...
katsmeow said...

Hey Irv, if you are guifying some console programs, i'd still like to have a gui on my irc.e, if you have the time, the desire, etc..

Certainly willing to give it a try.

Designing the user interface took a couple hours, and I can now connect and view the MOTD. Before I can go any further, I'll have to figure out what IRC is supposed to do.

Basically, it has "rooms" wherein people "chat". It's also possible to "chat" person to person without a "room". There are means to send/recieve files. These things require a "client" built on top of irc.e, and i have built one for people and one for bots, but they were refused by those in charge of OE in favor of the bare-bones doesn't-do-anything irc.e, and then that was refused too. The client for both people and bots would need a sub-window to display what is going on then the "room" (or channel), and a sub-window to display who is in the "room". The people client will need a text entry sub-window, it would be good to have for the bot too. Each "room" will need those three sub-windows.

If you provide the windows, and a way to puts() into them and gets() from the text entry, i can interface it to the irc client.

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