Original date:2018-03-10 12:47:01 Edited by: katsmeow Subject: Re: Euphoria Archive rescue mission

In 2001-2003, i downloaded several people's personal websites, such as Jiri's entire mass of code, several versions of Bach/Bliss, a lot of David Cuny's code. Later, when i wanted to index the entire archive, to be word-searchable, i downloaded the entire archive, indexed it word by word, and wrote the search code to interface to irc.

I don't know where the large database is now, i may have deleted it. I have found 15,763 files in 1806 folders. But since i concentrated on windows and dos, and OE doesn't suppport either any more, it's rather useless.

I should have the olde email list archived somewhere too, so i'll have those code snippets, but like the index project, i am unsure, and don't know where it is.

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