Original date:2018-03-07 11:10:39 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Speed of download

ChrisB said...

How hard would it be to change the links to somewhere else?

You can edit each one by hand, and upload individual files to PCAN, easily enough. Unfortunately there are something like 1500 rds-hosted entries.
Perhaps, looking at, individuals could pick themselves (/and post here) a starting letter, to break that down a bit, and remove the [[!rds-hosted]] tag on each entry once some alternate link is in place.

You could (theoretically) also write a standard program to find/replace things, download the entire site, modify it, and re-upload it - which is pretty much how I got it up there in the first place.
Before leaping off either of those particular cliffs though, questions of speed, uptime, long term survival, mirror sites, propagating updates, admins/caretakers, etc should probably all be debated.

For instance, is anyone else interested in and capable of hosting a copy of the entire PCAN pmwiki (currently just less than 15MB), and maybe some ideas about synchronizing updates?

FYI, I have no problem if someone wants to take a snapshot, today, then run off and do their own completely independent thing with it, either.


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