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begin said...


i am new to phix and i really like what i read in the docs so far. no i try to program something - but is there a usable editor to use? the conversion to the 64 bit phix worked like a charm.

i have 2 questions, as i must use the 64 bit version:

1.) what editor?

Sorry, win32-only Edita is the only stable one right now. You could try compiling that as a 32-bit executable (just add "format PE32" at the top of edita.exw), perhaps?
I have only just last month started using the planned replacement, Edix, which will be 64-bit compatible, but still at least a few months away and trust me it would drive you nuts.
There isn't anything particularly wrong with having both 32 and 64 bit versions of Phix knocking about at the same time, even in the same directory, as say p[w].exe (64bit) and p[w]32.exe (32bit).
Can I ask why you way you must use the 64 bit version?

begin said...

2.) how can i use a phix dll from other languages (sequence etc.)

Erm, the final answer is going to be read the documentation of the other languages.
I will say that they will not understand sequences, so you cannot pass one in or return one out.
Myself, I would write a full suite of test calls in Phix, before going anywhere near another language.

HTH, Pete

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