Original date:2018-01-07 17:51:31 Edited by: Ekhnat0n Subject: Re: SWITCH question

I tried to quote the routine, but it came up with the refarral iso the deconstrution.

5276 object make_atom(uintptr_t c) 5277 /* make a Euphoria atom from an unsigned C value */ 5278 { 5279 if (c <= (uintptr_t)MAXINT) 5280 return c; 5281 else 5282 return NewDouble((eudouble)c); 5283 }

We are dealing with a 32-bit value for MAXINT under certain circumstances and that is a different value from its 64-bit counterpart. But both of them are represented in C in a different way from Euphoria as well, if they are considered to be an INT. Robert used a 31-bit value, with the 32nd bit for -indication, C use the 1-complement method.... it is (as I said before) a methodical issue as well as all other possible nasties.

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