Original date:2018-01-05 21:02:33 Edited by: ChrisB Subject: Re: New wiki work - an Allegro game kit.


It wasn't personal, it was just the easiest set of 'modules' to get running. Actually I'm quite proud of the fmod wrapper update, even though the dll is very old.

It's kind of stalled at the moment - real life getting in the way, but it's always in my mind, so expect more chapters on robot's revenge coming soon. I've started on map and level creation. I do like the screams!

Of course, there's nothing stopping you writing an euSDL2 kit - it's just about gathering everything together to make game creation for eu as simple as possible, with examples - we are all well aware that we'll never write the next Doom with the kits, but everyone started somewhere. I've even got a very simple flight sim growing in my head, and a 3d chess game. Just wish I could get them in the computer.



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