Original date:2018-01-01 12:40:09 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: SWITCH question

If I may step in and summarize what has already been said, the thing that is broken is:

The manual should have said...

Duplicate case entries trigger a compilation error

But does not actually state that, and apparently the compiler does not always implement it correctly (but sometimes it does!).

We are quite used to this

if x=17 then ?"x is 17" 
elsif x=17 then ?"x is 17 as well" 
end if 

simply (and not really very helpfully) effectively just ignoring the second branch, whereas

switch x do 
case 17: ?"x is 17" 
case 17: ?"x is 17 as well" 
end switch 

sometimes crashes, presumably trying to put 17 in the jump table twice. (but use the real examples from #2 above instead)
NB: we do not give a flying monkeys what that should do were it to somehow compile correctly; it should give a compilation error and not run.

One thing that has just struck me is that if the compiler assumes the jump table entry is 0 or some predetermined base offset when calculating jump_table[17]... not that such explains the sporadic behaviour.

HTH, Pete

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