Original date:2017-12-05 17:49:26 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Euphoria Code Bounty Page

euphoric said...
ghaberek said...

I'd really like to see something like libCURL supplant the http_get/post methods altogether.

Well, how about we inject some cash into the Euphoria development economy? Who do I need to pay to get this done? grin

I'm in favor of anything we can do to reinvigorate development, but I know personally this won't help.

The single factor I'm lacking in is time and unfortunately that cannot be donated. I would imagine the more senior developers of Euphoria have the same problem.

If you'd like to pursue this, I'd recommend we start by accepting (small) pledges for donations to the site itself. If that goes well, we could move up to something like Bountysource.

I've created a Bounty Board page to get you started. smile


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