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Eric Wing said...

Subject: [Iup-users] 7GUIs GUI comparison
To: "IUP discussion list." <>
Date: Friday, 17 November, 2017, 1:19\

I saw this on HackerNews or Reddit yesterday.

Its origins are from a research paper that compares the objected oriented and functional programming for GUI design.

While that falls outside the scope of what IUP cares about, I did think the 7 GUI "benchmark" was an interesting and potentially useful idea. To help spread the word about IUP, I think it could be useful to people to see a comparison of common basic GUI patterns written in different libraries.

Such a list would allow: - People to learn about libraries they may have not heard of before (IUP is relatively unknown compared to, say, Qt.) - See examples of code/how it is done. - Help those thinking about migrating from one library they currently know to a new one.

Anyway, I thought I would mention it in case anybody here would like to pick up the challenge and try writing an IUP version for those 7. Presumably and optionally, that page and examples could be forked to become a simple comparison page instead of focusing on the OO vs. functional thing.

Thanks, Eric

Challenge accepted, I am going to do Phix/pGUI.

Any other takers (eg EuGTK?)


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