Original date:2017-11-07 12:02:10 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: [Phix](trivial) What is the workflow for documentation?

_tom said...

Where are the "raw" docs?

How do you get from "raw" docs to .chm?


The raw files are in docs/phix/src. To create a new file I always copy one that already exists.

Update docs/phix/src/toc.txt (all lines after the <EOF> on line 811 are ignored) and docs/phix/src/index.txt (some helpful comments in both those files), and run docs/phix/makephix.exw
I doubt that runs on linux - in fact I just checked and there is indeed a platform()=WINDOWS check right at the end of makephix.exw - but the docs/phix/html it just created should be useable.

I also update edita/help/Phix.txt [and edix/help/Phix.txt] and edita/syn/Euphoria.syn [and edix/syn/Phix.syn]


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