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petelomax said...
ghaberek said...

I also maintain the libui wrapper for Euphoria, if you're interesting in yet another UI library.

I managed to get that working on Phix, but all three demos crash, apparently somewhere deep inside uiMain(), as soon as I press escape. Any ideas?

Got any pre-built dlls for that, by any chance?

I made this just for you, Pete: 09-Dec-2016. Took me a minute to figure out how to get a build working with Visual Studio and CMake.

You're a monster! (Just kidding.) You'd be surprised how many of those I've already tried.

I gave up on many of those almost immediately because:

A) I'm not interested in building another bespoke C++ wrapper for something, and/or
B) I couldn't even get the library to build or there were too many dependencies to work out, and/or
C) the library was so out of date I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to use it.

petelomax said...

UPDATE: I just tried a 64bit dll, and that does not crash, but changing gettingstarted.ex to:


on pressing escape, only 1 and 2 get shown, not 3 or 4 - is that as expected?

Not sure what's going here. Might be an issue internal to libui. I will investigate though.

FYI, I'm sort of in a holding pattern on libui-euphoria while the developers are figuring out how to implement uiTable, i.e. listviews.


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