Original date:2017-10-05 12:22:04 Edited by: Ekhnat0n Subject: Re: [OT] Wealth redefined

Interesting problems and thoughts and not unrealistic, but a bit too pessimistic imho.

First of all jobless is different from workless, as it allows you to go and spend time on lots of things
like eg gardening (you then could become a "volunteer-farmer", growing food for a small community)
You can picture lots of hobbies having a social value, like this example
As always, the PROBLEM bears its own SOLUTION as soon as you start thinking in solutions.
...The culprit of all problems, ofcourse, is MONEY, because if we decided to abolish it as of tomorrow,
who would be rich and who would become the "new poor"? The scenario you show is only one out of
many that have gone through my mind since the later 60's when both computers and flower-power
started blossoming.
Lots of people currently gather in groups to flee the hectic modern society,
starting small self-sufficient communities, which in my view will probably become even more trendy
and might become the structure of the Aquarian epoque.

Wealth, translated into this scheme could be defined as:
POOR ======= unable to sustain oneself or one's family at a reasonable level
AVERAGE: === able to do so on a for a longer period
WEALTHY: === able to sustain not just one's family, but come to the aid of relatives, friends and neighbours as well
Add any higher category you like ;)

I can hear you mumble:"He's gone crazy and thinks UTOPIA will be the future", but why not ponder on it
and try to put in my two bits to achieve at least part of it?

Back to basics, ideally being kind of rural picture supported by state-of-the-art technology, at least for me it would be.

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