Original date:2017-09-16 12:55:30 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Problem using EuGTK - segmentation fault

rneu said...

Adding ~/demos to eu.cfg does not make any difference. "Segmentation fault" persists.

Lack of that line in eu.cfg does not cause a segfault, that is a separate issue.

The easiest way to get an updated version of Euphoria is to go to: Look for "eu.ex and euc.ex compiled for v4.1.0-32bit" by James Cook. These are a quick download, just drag the eui from his /bin folder into, for example, your home folder, and then, from a terminal, ./eui ~/demos/test0 That should test whether the problem caused by using Eu 4.0 instead of Eu 4.1.

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