Original date:2017-09-10 05:55:17 Edited by: ChrisB Subject: Re: How can one read and display Dicom files in Euphoria?


They look good.

Looks like those libraries might be C, which is more awkward to wrap with Eu. What I personally would do is call

dcmj2pnm: Convert DICOM images to PGM/PPM, PNG, TIFF, JPEG or BMP

and then use eu to load up the jpg/bmp, display it and then delete it from disk - if you are using a gui (like eugtk which is the best GUI for euphoria), then the command line conversion would happen in the background. I know it's neither efficient or elegant, but it will get the job done.

eugtk has it's own image loading examples, and use system() to call the external program.



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