Original date:2017-06-25 12:22:35 Edited by: Senator Subject: Roman Numbers : attention James Cook

Thanks for your recent contribution, Roman Numbers

A program already exists in the archive from 2005, numeric conversions by David Money which converts Roman Numerals to integers and vice versa.

Your routine for converting integers to roman numerals appears to be more concise than Money's. Perhaps you could adapt Money's routine to convert Roman Numerals to integers to your more concise programming method/style.

Money's routine naming conventions appear more intuitive and less cumbersome than yours. For example:

-- James Cook 
? number_roman_to_modern("XXIV") -- 24 
? number_modern_to_roman(24) --"XXIV" 
-- David Money 
? roman_to_int("XXIV")  -- 24 
? integer_to_roman(24,1) -- "XXIV"  -- 1 could easily be made the default 
? integer_to_roman(24,0) -- "xxiv" 

Regards, Ken Rhodes

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