Original date:2017-06-22 04:56:23 Edited by: rneu Subject: Re: Important features not highlighted on main page

I think one only needs to add following (or similar) as first line on the page:

OpenEuphoria is a new programming language with emphasis on SIMPLICITY, SAFETY, SPEED and SEQUENCES (lists). It has following great features:

  • Euphoria is Inovative
  • Euphoria is simple- only 4 built-in types
  • Euphoria is safe- many tests are performed before executing code
  • Euphoria has speed- even interpreted is very fast
  • Euphoria has sequences- lists with powerful functions
  • Euphoria has consistent, easy to read structure
  • Euphoria has user-defined types made simple
  • Euphoria is both compiled & interpreted
  • Euphoria is cross platform (Windows, Linux, BSD, OS X)

In addition, Euphoria is free and open-source with a convenient license.

(Above points can then be detailed)

Above is just a quick write-up and can be much improved.

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