Original date:2017-04-21 14:25:44 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: About (what i would like to do for) the future of Euphoria

acEduardo said...

Since I'm allergic to Python, Ruby, C+ +, Java... and read PHP code makes me sick (what a delicate health isn't it?)... I'm trying to use alternative techs, as Euphoria, commercially.

If my business thrives, I'm thinking of:

  • using part of my paid time to refactor/rewrite/debug the interpreter/compiler/binder/library;
  • release part of the source-code I'm already using in production under a free license.

The truth is that I have almost nothing working to contribute at the moment... So at the moment I can only express my feelings cry

Sounds like a good project to work on it. I like Euphoria a lot, but it does have its limitations. I also don't like working in Python or Java, Lua and C are fine to me though. I probably use Euphoria and C the most.

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