Original date:2017-04-20 13:39:42 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Question regarding EDS

jessedavis said...

A database is useless if it is not reliable.

IMHO, to call EDS a "database" is really a misnomer. I mean, it satisfies the conditions for storing and retrieving records, but it has no protections for data corruption and integrity.

Here's an interesting thread about the state of EDS and a (hopefully) more stable simple data storage system that Derek wrote: Reliability of small database system. I haven't tested it personally so I cannot vouch for its stability.

jessedavis said...

Do you have any ideas for alternate ways to implement a database in euphoria?

I know it's often hard to include additional dependencies with your applications, but something like SQLite is probably better suited to what you need here.

If reliability is of any concern whatsoever, I always recommend using something that's been thoroughly tested and developed with that in mind (which EDS apparently was not).


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