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petelomax said...

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon

What is interesting to me (/Phix) is a fully open source method of getting something I vaguely know (IUP) onto Android.

There is a Java stub, but the majority is in bundled .so files, which might be doable.

Where I have yet failed is to package anything at all so it will run on Android, though the base "Toaster NO GAME" seems ok.

Has anyone else tried this, in any form, and got anywhere?


I've actually done some work with this library. Using Lua and LOVE. Its a decent library for game development. It appears to be written on top of the SDL2 and Box2D libraries. I wanted to make a wrapper of LOVE for Euphoria, though, since it is running on top of Box2D and SDL2, this would be sorta hard. Also, I have written a wrapper of SDL2 for Euphoria. Box2D is written in C, so this makes it harder to wrap. However Chipmunk physics is written in C, thus making it easier to wrap in Euphoria.

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