Original date:2017-02-10 01:11:26 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Phix 0.7.2 released

better handling for command line help options (-? --help etc)
many linux64 mods (more may be needed, uploading a new version will help my next round of testing easier)
zip file split into and (makes wget of them much easier)
problem with empty one-line procedures fixed.
declaring routine_ids mid-self of routines with >2 params crash fixed.
trace(3) added. Exposed a bug in file i/o which is still outstanding.
Added builtins\ipc.e and builtins\serialize.e (see docs/other libs)
int_to_bytes() now has an optional size parameter.
bytes_to_int() now has an optional signed parameter.
Added crash_routine(), pad_head(), pad_tail() and vslice().
time() should now be compatible with windows XP.


EDIT: pad_head and pad_tail did not make it into the docs, but have now been added, ready for the next release.

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