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When you see "Phix minutia" it means I am writing mainly to Pete.

Here is a suggested makeover for the Phix download page.


Download This File

Windows and/or Linux user: Download phix.exe

The file phix.exe is "both a windows installer and an archive of all the files you need for either Windows or Linux."

Learn More About Phix Installations

The files in phix.exe and are the same and can be used with either Windows or Linux. For Windows users the phix.exe installer program is the most convenient.

Download size Windows Users Linux Users Source-code
phix.exe 16 MB ( * ) run phix.exe
(or) unzip then run ppw.bat
un-archive to
/home/phix 16 MB unzip then run ppw.bat un-archive to
sources 110 MB bitbucket sources download
clone bitbucket clone repository

Windows Users

Phix the automatic way:

  • download phix.exe
  • right click on phix.exe
  • choose "run as administer"
  • run the installer program

Phix the manual way:

  • on Win7 install a program like 7-Zip
  • download either phix.exe or
  • unzip the downloaded file
  • run ppw.bat to install to c:\program files\phix
  • or, manually copy files to a directory named \Phix

Linux Users

  • download either phix.exe or
  • unarchive the downloaded file
  • choose /home/phix as the destination for these files
  • as an administrator, change the permissions of the file phix to allow running as a program

Hint: here "home" means the directory you get when you click on the home icon in your file browser. The literal name could be 'guest', 'zebu', or whatever 'name' used when installing Linux. For example the full path to the phix installation could be: /root/home/zebu/phix

To read the documentation you will need a chm viewer like xCHM or kchmviewer. Ubuntu/Mint users: run the Synaptic Package Manager, enter xchm in the Quick filter, and then install.

To run the pGUI demos you will need an iup installation. Read /phix/demo/pGUI/lnx/installation.txt for more information.

Source-code Users

You can clone the Phix repository from bitbucket to get the latest sources.

You can download a copy of the sources from bitbucket.

You will need a working compiler to compile the latest sources (p -cp, 15 seconds).

Optional Download

Windows users: If you plan on using low-level Windows API calls then download the Microsoft documentation ( 50MB ). If you also use Edita then extract to Phix\demo\edita\help (after the above has been installed).

Internet Security

As with anything you download from the internet, it is your responsibility to check carefully for viruses and trojans.

Virscan result: 34 out of 39 engines gave phix.exe file a clean bill of health (details) which I take as 5 "false positives".

Virustotal result: 50 out of 52 engines gave a clean bill of health (details) which I take as 2 "false positives".

Jotti result: 17 out of 19 engines gave phix.exe a clean bill of health (details) which I take as 2 "false positives".

Metadefender result: 42 out of 42 engines (wow!) gave phix.exe a clean bill of health (details).

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